Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design

    The construkt has pursued the art of presentation built on the fundamentals of fine arts & visual communications. This foundation allowed us to approach marketing from an innovative perspective and is the backbone to our various services. Most people interact with graphic design daily who are all connected through a similar language; we can help visualize your thoughts and goals. Let us simplify the way you communicate effectively.

  • Web Design

    Just a couple years ago it seemed like a luxury to own a website for a small business, but unfortunately there is a common misconception lately for those without a homepage. Owners should focus on making their business thrive, not worrying about why the marketing budget went over again. Urban Construkt can help you translate the certain ‘feel’ of your business and create a presence on the web.

  • Digital Print

    Before you received news tweets on your feed, there was print. We aren’t just creating pictures & words, but something more where you can feel a connection. We believe there is more to a business relationship than trading a few e-mails and viewing ones profile on LinkedIn. Affiliated with an industry leading print & mailing shop in the Chicagoland area, Urban.Construkt offers you the highest quality digital print in the industry today.

  • Creative Marketing

    Along with our core services, we offer custom projects for those searching for something outside the box. Our think tanks are confident in making your purpose come to life, the way you want them to. Please browse through some of our samples and let us know if you have an idea that you do not see. We would love to create it for you from the ground up!

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