Client Yolk
Release date 2012 July
Services Graphic Design
Filed in Design

yolk dish“Yolk pushes the envelope with new and creative breakfasts, specialty juices, and their own private labeled premium coffee. Yolk. Clearly stands above the rest.”

Yolk had just recently launched their new website when we began redesigning the menu, so we made sure to carry over familiar elements people were used to seeing. Beginning with the menu design, we created a color scheme comparing with the website, and began with a simple clean layout. You can view some of the original samples which were favorable to most of the team, but we were asked to go beyond and ultimately decided on creating some illustrations to add on to the theme.

Due to the additional illustrations, we had to manage our time between the following kids menu, catering and take out menus, as well as business cards for the Yolk team. We began creating an illustrated background consisting of a clear summer day with the Chicago cityscape in the background, and various items to spread through out the pages.

yolk interior

Since the initial menu project, we have used this foundation for other menus, brochures, business cards, as well as promotional window adhesives and signs. By taking the time to create additional elements they could easily piece together in the beginning, it was just as easy to make Yolk’s great ideas possible!

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