Danny Ponce Arte

Client Daniel Ponce
Release date 2013 June
Services Web Design
Business Card Design
Digitizing Portfolio
Filed in Web

daniel ponce portratDaniel Ponce was born in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico. The city was known for its archaeological sites, many which he grew up around. Much of it can be seen in his early works including the strong passion for his culture.

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Ponce back in 2011 on various projects and our discoveries are some of my strongest foundations. I first met Daniel back in 2009 where we briefly discussed art techniques and where I attended school. He had told me he was interested in art, and was looking for some pointers as he was trying to teach himself. Without thinking much of our encounter we didn’t actually meet again until early 2011; we began collaborating one evening thinking up some concepts huddled around a dim lighted kitchen table.

I was always intrigued by the time in between our reunion. Much of his early works progressed so quickly I was beginning to see something develop before me. As Daniel moved onto his next medium to master in 2013, he was finally ready to put up some of his work. Currently focusing on painting, his early work consisted of mainly the use of black and white with ink or graphite. You can view some of his works below or visit his website listed to the right.  – Andrew

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